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Changing the world with a piece of paper, pen, and a couple cups of coffee.
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  • Hello Lovelies

    Hi guys
    I’m really sorry I haven’t been on at all lately. I’ve been on summer break and I’ve been taking a break with spending a lot of time online. Subsequently I deleted the tumblr app off my phone and just added it back on right now. I thought I would just check in and say hi. So hi!
    Its my 16th birthday today (August 21) so I thought I should inform everyone that I got my driving permit today and drove on the road for an hour and didn’t die. That’s quite exciting huh?
    I hope to be able to get back online in a bit, but right now I have a deadline to meet for a new book I’m publishing so that takes priority, and of course school is starting soon. I also want you all to know that I love you all and if you ever need to talk, even anon, I’m always here and check my inbox frequently. Please never feel like you have to hesitate.
    Never forget that no matter what you think, you are important and incredibly loved. Even if you don’t think so. I love you.
    Take care and see you in a while,

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